You show up for a session or a wedding day and the butterflies start! You want to impress your clients, but you are worried if you are doing the best job you could.

Are my camera settings right? 

How do I pose this couple so they look natural?

This room is so dark! How can I make my flash images cohesive with the rest of the day?

I'm short on time, what can I do to still get creative images?

We want you to feel CONFIDENT in your shooting so that you have the flexibility to be creative & build a connection with your clients.

The best part is that you can watch these classes ONLINE whenever you want! It is yours forever!  

Here are some of the topics covered:

  • Nailing photos RIGHT in-camera
  • Getting perfect exposure
  • Natural posing for individuals, couples & groups
  • Knowing quality & direction of light
  • Shooting in any weather condition
  • Shooting natural light indoors
  • Troubleshooting your camera
  • Connecting with your clients
  • Strategies for posing clients naturally & creatively
  • Bringing out emotion when posing
  • Flattering clients of all shapes & sizes
  • Fun posing games
  • Camera & flash equipment made easy
  • Stunning images in ANY lighting situation
  • Organizing & Systemizing your images
  • Editing in Lightroom & Photoshop
  • Faster turn-around time
  • Back up system
  • Albums & products

No more butterflies when you arrive at your shoot! 

Feel creative and CONFIDENT every single time you pick up your camera and leave your clients RAVING about you!

Normal price: $749  

For a limited time:  

$397 for ALL 4 Courses  


6 payments of $79

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“I joined the Academy because I knew I needed to do something to grow us to the next step and next goal level. I'm happy to say that we have quadrupled our income in that time and hit our 6 figure business. The classes can teach you something no matter how much experience you have or how long you've been in business." 

- Kate Gansneder  

Here's what you will learn...

Posing & Shooting Weddings & Portraits 

Hope Taylor | Matt Kennedy

- Master posing techniques creating high-end images your clients love - Flatter your clients to help them look their best - Tips and tricks to navigate difficult situations - Look at shooting different aspects of the wedding day - Confidence with composition and artistry


Matt Kennedy  

  • - What essential equipment is needed, and exactly how to use it - 3 Step system to achieving perfect exposure - Adjusting your settings to balance natural and artificial light - Positioning your flashes in order to achieve the look you desire - Posing your subjects when using flash


Montana Dennis  

  • - Know how to work with the quality and direction of light - Be confident in your camera settings and create high-quality composition - Find out how to pose your couples creatively and naturally - Be an expert in shooting in natural light whatever the weather conditions - Learn the best way to shoot indoors using natural light


Matt Kennedy  

- Safe storage and handling of images - Computer programs for the wedding photographer - Editing in Lightroom - Photoshop essentials - Image Delivery and Album Design - Product Fulfillment


Invest in your business & get ready to take your images to the next level and blow your clients away!


Chelsea's BEFORE vs AFTER:

Stefani's BEFORE vs AFTER:

Renee's BEFORE vs AFTER:

Risk-Free with our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


Impress your clients with an experience that blows them away from START TO FINISH!  

Get the most bang for your buck! Combine the Shooting & Business Bundles and get everything you need to learn in one place.