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What if. 

What if you could be 100% CONFIDENT that you knew exactly what to do to create STUNNING family photos for your clients that they are BRAGGING about you to all of their friends?

Would you be interested?

FACT: Hundreds of photographers are walking into their sessions wishing they were more confident directing their clients and more creative with their posing! Are you one of them??  

We were for a long time!! We were working our tails off to make $150 per session.  

When we first started, it was scary walking into a session. It was stressful not being confident.  

Which way do I face them to get the most attractive light? Am I using the best equipment? What settings do I use? How do I get them to be more comfortable and having fun? How do I come up with more poses? 

AHHH!!! So much pressure!! We want our clients to fall in love with their photos. They were trusting us to do a great job with their memories!  

We got to a point where we wanted to take our photography to the next level. We wanted clients to brag about our photos to their friends EVERY TIME!!  

We learned how to use lighting to our advantage, how to be more creative and professional with our posing, and most importantly, how to give our clients the BEST experience possible! Very quickly after learning how to do this, we were making $500+ per session and our business was exploding with more bookings too!

Let's look at the Roman family for instance...

Photo #1 shows them back when we were learning by a lot of trial and error, making $150 per session.  

Photo #2 shows this same family (plus their newest cutie!) with proper lighting, posing that shows connection and, and we created a great experience they couldn't stop talking about!

Photo 1: $150 Session

Photo 2: $500 Session

We made the decision to invest in our business and learn exactly what we needed to do to UP OUR GAME. We didn't want to go into another session worrying if they would like their photos.

It is a scary thing when you think about it...

Sometimes our clients have spent money on new clothes for their shoot, arranged for hair and make up, taken time off from work to get their photos done. They are trusting US to capture their memories and the reality is that many of us have just learned how to take photos on our own.

Hair stylists typically go to years of training.

Mechanics go to school to know exactly how to fix a car.

If we want to be treated as a professional and get paid more, while having our clients give us their trust, it is CRITICAL that we learn the proper skills and strategy in taking great photos EVERY SINGLE TIME!

We realized we needed to be come the experts and professionals at our craft. We invested our time and money into learning the best ways to light our client. 

We learned how to bring out emotion with our clients and pose them naturally. 

We mastered how to flatter our clients no matter what body type so they are excited about their photos.

We even learned tips & tricks to get shy kids that don't want to have their photo taken to have a great time and not want their session to end (even stubborn dads too)!



We're excited to show up for a session and we have the freedom to have fun & interact with our clients because we no longer need to think about and analyze lighting, posing and directing!


You can too! We did the hard work for you and have broken everything down to give you everything you need to learn in just a few short hours!


Here's everything you get...

Planning your session

Preparing yor client and setting your shoot up for success is a big part of the process! Also, find out what you need to do ahead of time.

Camera Settings

Get comfortable with your settings so you know what to do in different lighting situations and groups of different sizes.

Shooting a session 

Know the best way to warm up your clients and run a session strategically to get the images you need while the clients have fun!

Make Kids Laugh

Learn how to easily engage the kids in a fun way, while getting them to follow your directions.


Knowing lighting is critical for every professional photographer. If you want to take your images to the next level, learn to use the light!

Natural Posing

Get away from forced smiles and prom poses by giving your clients diection in bringing out natural smiles & connections.

“Moving through the Family Bootcamp and I’m just amazed at the amount of info and great advice given!”

- Paola

“I purchased the Family Bootcamp just prior to my busy family portrait season and it was so helpful! Starting a family session when there are nerves already at play, usually Dad's don't want to be there, and kids are feeding off all the emotions going on is tricky, but the approaches I learned in the Bootcamp helped to make the start of the sessions much more smooth, which then set the tone for the rest of the session. 

Being able to watch an actual family session go on and to see Matt troubleshoot various lighting scenarios, deal with background people in public areas, and deal with height and age differences was so helpful! And seeing what he took shots of helped me to think more creatively and to be able to deliver a more well rounded gallery to the families after their session. My sessions now run more smooth, the families look less stiff, and the experience is much more enjoyable for my clients!” - 

 -Marquette M  

**LISA went from charging $100/session to now $500+/session

"After listening to Matt, I did a family of 3 little boys and the photos I came away with are priceless!! I can't believe how just those few tips helped me go from great to WOWZA!!!! The mom told me that the last time they took photos it was miserable, but this time the boys didn't even know they were at a photoshoot because I made it so fun!!!"


“Before taking the Family Bootcamp class, it used to take me hours to get enough pictures for a family session. Seriously, like over 2 hours. Now I can do a family session in 30 minutes with 10 times more the amount of usable photos. The family bootcamp taught me how to just keep shooting and to not worry about always getting a posed shot, but that the natural shots make beautiful images as well. I have learned how to shoot from the right perspective to make everyone look flattering. In addition to making the most of the location that we choose to shoot at and utilizing every part! The Family Bootcamp changed the way I photographed families and I get countless remarks all the time about how great I am at capturing my client's family perfectly!”


NOT ONLY are you going to learn everything you need to know to completely transform your family sessions...

 NOT ONLY are you going you going to actually watch a REAL family photo session...  

BONUS #1...

Editing & Delivery

A very important factor in helping your photos look incredible is the EDITING! Matt is even going to walk you step by step how he edits a family session!! This will make an incredible impact on how you edit all of your sessions going forward!

Matt also gives you a behind the scenes of showing you our process for deliver your images quickly & professionally!

Valued at $289

“I LOVED the family bootcamp! Matter of fact, I re-read through my notes on a weekly basis! I just finished packing my backpack with fruit snacks and water for the little’s. I’ve got a session tonight that I can’t wait to implement all the little helps and tips on! Thank you!” 

– Mikenna  

BONUS #2...

Marketing for Family Photographers

YES! A big part of your business is learning how to shoot well and have your clients brag about you...

BUT, how do you get those clients?

This E-book is JAM-PACKED FULL of practical strategies on how to explode your calendar with bookings!

Valued at $149

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is this all online?

It's simple. It is all online and you can access right away has soon as your order is approved.

Can I download the videos?

You are able to download all of the course videos so you are able to watch them on any device at anytime. Perfect for traveling, sitting at home or even working out at the gym (for those of you that do that kind of thing) 

Do the courses expire or do I have lifetime access?

 You have lifetime access and downloading videos ensure that you can watch them on any device at anytime!

Is there a facebook group?

Yes. The Academy Students are part of an exclusive facebook group that is perfect for sharing ideas, tips and helping with any extra questions. It is a great office "water cooler"

Want to talk it over before signing up?

Send us a message with live chat or email us at and 

we'll be happy to help as soon as we can!

Be confident... 

We're I've taken quite a few courses and this is absolutely one of my favorites. Matt truly went from start to finish covering gear, settings, locations, posing, how to make 'em look good and even walked us through a family session which is my passion. Wonderful course.” - Wendy

“First time I have ever been to a Photography bootcamp and learned so much. I can't wait to learn more with the other courses I signed up for. After watching this I have figured out I have been doing some things wrong, but will change that thanks to this course!” - Normagene

“The family photography boot camp gave us some great ideas, sparked some new inspiration and had tips we hadn’t seen before. We loved it and it was worth every penny!” – Scott Williams  

“I did the boot camp! I loved the portion where we got to see the actual shoot.” – Kayla  

“The Family Bootcamp changed the way I photographed families and I get countless remarks all the time about how great I am at capturing my client’s family perfectly!”  

“As a beginner, I found this course to be extremely helpful. It was great to be able to watch an actual session, and get ideas on how to run a family session. I think this course was an excellent value for the amount of information that really impacted my work.”  

“I think the reveal session difference is majorly where I’ve heard the difference! Bigger prints are being purchased, they can’t believe I captured the shot, etc! I love it!” – Erica

How much is all of this worth to you?

If you give your clients STUNNING images every time with great lighting, natural posing and genuine smiles, what would that be worth to you?

Being confident in your skills as a photographer is essential for anyone charging money for their work. Knowing EXACTLY what to do to give your clients an INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE every single time will transform your business and allow you to triple your pricing!

Many of our students starting shooting family sessions charging only $100. They had to shoot 5 one hour sessions to make $500. Now when they shoot 5 sessions for over $500, they are making over $2500!


The Family Photography Bootcamp

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  • You will be shooting more confidently. You will be able to find the perfect light. You will be able to pose clients naturally. 
  • Your clients will be proudly sharing their images with all of their family and friends! 
  • Your future clients will be willing to pay more for their sessions!


The Family Photography Bootcamp

YES, I want in! I want access to this video course right now...

Regular price $199